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Positions and Education 

I am a research fellow at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Cologne. Before coming to Cologne, I spent time at Universities in Salzburg, Leuven, Berkeley, Konstanz, Munich, Duisburg-Essen, and Boston. I completed my doctoral studies (Philosophy) at the University of Konstanz and I received my MA (Philosophy) from the University of Salzburg.

Research Topics

My past, current, and future research focus on debates in epistemology, general philosophy of science, and metaphilosophy. In epistemology, my research encompasses epistemic disagreement, epistemic pluralism, epistemic normativity, theories of justification, of evidential support and higher-order evidence, and the relationship between logic and reasoning. In the philosophy of science, my research centers on the aims of inquiry, the relationship between confirmation and rationality, and the relationship between explanation and understanding. In metaphilosophy, I am mainly interested in methods of conceptual clarification and conceptual engineering, and on the role of formal methods and idealizations in philosophy.

Besides epistemology, the philosophy of science, and metaphilosophy, I have interests in the history of analytic philosophy, decision theory, metaethics, philosophical logic, and philosophy of logic.

You can find some of my papers here, here, and there.


2023I’ll contribute to the third edition of the Blackwell Companion to Epistemology (ed. K. Sylvan) with an entry on experts and a co-authored entry (with P. Brössel) on disagreement
2022-2023I’ll be an Eleonore-Trefftz Visiting Professor at the Department of Philosophy of the TU Dresden.
2021I received Kopffrei Funding (University of Cologne) for a 50% relief from teaching in the winter term 2021/22.
Since 2021I am now a member of the DFG (German Research Foundation) Network Thinking About Suspension, which is led by V. Wagner and A. Zinke
New Paper in OUP Volume„Epistemic Paradise Lost — Saving What We Can with Stable Support“ is going to be published in a super cool volume edited by N. Hughes on Epistemic Dilemmas (Oxford University Press).
New Paper in Synthese My paper „Explicating the Concept of Epistemic Rationality“ is published in Synthese.
New Paper in Routledge VolumeMy paper „Disagreement in a Group: Aggregation, Respect for Evidence, and Synergy“ is published in the volume The Epistemology of Group DisagreementRoutledge (edited by F. Broncano-Berrocal and A. Carter).
New Paper in SyntheseMy paper „No Commitment to the Truth“ is published in Synthese.
New Paper in BJPS My paper „Evidential Probabilities and Credences“ is published in the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.

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The picture shows the main plaza of San Ignacio de Velasco in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. San Ignacio is a beautiful, tropical, and vivid city, which is very close to the Brazilian border. Whenever I can, I spend time in Santa Cruz, where I have a huge, wonderful family, and where nature is relaxing and impressively beautiful.