Academic Activities


Invited Talks

06/2020 TBA; Department of Philosophy, Capital Normal University in Beijing, China.
10/2019 TBA; Research Seminar, Department of Philosophy (Theological Faculty), University of Innsbruck, Austria.
10/2019 TBA; EPS (Epistemology and Philosophy of Science Seminar), Tilburg University, Netherlands.
07/2019 Evidence of Evidence as Higher-Order Evidence; Workshop on Epistemic Conflicts, University of Cologne, Germany (workshop organized by me).
05/2019 Evidence in a Faulty World; Network Workshop of the project Knowledge Beyond Natural Science, University of Stirling, UK.
05/2019 Evidence of Evidence as Higher-Order Evidence; Decision, Rationality and Interaction (DRI) Seminar, Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (IHPST), Paris, France.
05/2019 On Explicating Epistemic Rationality; Research Seminar of the Center for Language, Information and Philosophy (CLIPS), University of Cologne, Germany.
01/2019 Rationality and Epistemic Pluralism; Departmental Colloquium, Department of Philosophy, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.
11/2018 No Commitment to the Truth; The Value of Truth Conference, Budapest, Hungary.
11/2018 Evidential Probabilities and Credences, Workshop on Knowledge, Belief, and Probability, Hamburg, Germany.
10/2018 Rationality and Epistemic Pluralism; Workshop on Disagreement within Philosophy, Bonn, Germany.
06/2018 Evidential Probabilities and Credences; Workshop on Recent Debates in Formal Epistemology, CONCEPT, Cologne, Germany.
06/2018 Evidential Probabilities and Credences; International Pre-Read Workshop: Epistemology Seminar, Bochum, Germany.
04/2018 No Commitment to the Truth; Departmental Colloquium, Department of Philosophy, University of Hamburg, Germany.
03/2018 Epistemology without Ideal Agents; Invited Symposium on Ideal and Non-Ideal in Epistemology and Political Theory, APA Pacific Division, San Diego, CA.
11/2017 No Commitment to the Truth; Workshop on Knowing – Understanding – Explaining, Dresden, Germany.
09/2017 No Commitment to the Truth; Conference on Epistemic Rationality: Conceptions and Challenges, Barcelona, Spain.
06/2016 Gerechtfertigt, aber irgendwie auch nicht (translated title: Justified, but somehow not Justified); Workshop on Social Epistemology, Cologne, Germany.
06/2016 Consider the Purposes of the Theory of Justification When You Characterize Justification!; Workshop on Philosophical Methods, KWI Essen, Germany (workshop co-organized by me).
07/2015 No Commitment to the Truth; Workshop on Epistemic Consequentialism, Konstanz, Germany (workshop co-organised by me).
05/2015 Uneinigkeit (translated title: Disagreement); Workshop on Epistemic Relativism and Disagreement, Dresden, Germany.
12/2014 Evidential Support, Beliefs and Credences; Workshop on Statistical Evidence in Epistemology and the Law, Glasgow, UK.
11/2014 Meinungsverschiedenheit und (epistemische) Normativität (translated title: Disagreement and (Epistemic) Normativity); Workshop on Disagreement in Philosophy and the Law, Berlin, Germany.
09/2014 Rationality, Normativity, and Implication; Workshop on Norms of Reasoning, Bochum, Germany (workshop co-organised by me).
09/2014 Disagreement and Division of Labour; SOPhiA 2014 (Workshop on Social Epistemology), Salzburg, Austria.
07/2014 Rational Belief, Normativity, and Implication; MCMP, University of Munich, Germany.
06/2014 What about Closure?; University of Düsseldorf, Germany.
05/2014 Zum normativen Status von epistemisch rationalem Glauben (translated title: On the Normative Status of Epistemically Rational Belief); Workshop on New Perspectives of Epistemology II: Epistemic Standards, Aims, and Reasons; Dresden, Germany.
01/2014 How to Resolve Doxastic Disagreement (with P. Brössel); MCMP, University of Munich, Germany.
12/2011 “The General Argument against Internalism” meets “An Objective Justification of Bayesianism”; MCMP, University of Munich, Germany.
11/2011 Die Unterscheidung zwischen Bewertungen und Normen und ihre Bedeutung für die Erkenntnistheorie (translated title: The Distinction between Evaluations and Norms and Its Significance for Epistemology); Department of Philosophy, University of Salzburg, Austria.
01/2010 Stable Belief and Knowledge (with P. Brössel); Konstanz-Leuven Series, Leuven, Belgium.
06/2008 Leere Logik. Eine Untersuchung zweier Systeme (translated title: Inclusive Logic. A Study of Two Systems); University of Konstanz, Germany.

Peer-Reviewed Presentations

06/2019 Evidence of Evidence as Higher Order Evidence; Formal Epistemology Workshop (FEW2019), Turin, Italy.
09/2018 Ideal Agents, Impossible Evidence, and Evidence One Ought not to Have; 10th International Conference of the German Society for Analytic Philosophy (GAP10), Cologne, Germany.
08/2017 Getting Rid of Ideal Agents; Ninth European Congress of Analytic Philosophy (ECAP9), Munich, Germany.
07/2016 No Commitment to the Truth; Conference of the European Epistemology Network 2016, Paris, France.
09/2015 Getting Rid of Ideal Agents; International Conference of the German Society for Analytic Philosophy (GAP9), Osnabrück, Germany.
07/2015 In Defense of a Credence Interpretation of Probability; British Society for the Philosophy of Science Annual Conference (BSPS Conference), Manchester, UK.
07/2014 What about Closure?; Conference of the European Epistemology Network 2014, Madrid, Spain.
09/2013 How to Resolve Doxastic Disagreement; SOPhiA 2013, Salzburg, Austria.
08/2013 Scientific Knowledge as Stable True Belief; European Philosophy of Science Association 13 (EPSA13), Helsinki, Finland.
08/2011 Justifying Epistemic Evaluations and Epistemic Norms; 34th International Wittgenstein Symposium 2011, Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria.
06/2011 Epistemic Consequentialism. Against Intuitions in the Field; 9th Congress of the Austrian Society for Philosophy, Vienna, Austria.


06/2018 Comments on Lasonen-Aarnio’s paper „Defeat as Evincibility“; Pre-Read Workshop Epistemology Seminar, Bochum, Germany.
03/2014 Comments on Kelp’s paper „Understanding, Knowledge and Ability“; Towards an Epistemology of Understanding: Rethinking Justification, Bern, Switzerland.
03/2011 Comments on Joyce’s paper “Ambiguity in Value and Imprecision in Belief“; Monthly Monday Meeting, Konstanz, Germany.
03/2010 Comments on Easwaran’s paper “Conglomerability Minimizes Expected Epistemic Inaccuracy“; Monthly Monday Meeting, Konstanz, Germany.
06/2009 Comments on Novack’s paper “A Defense of The Principle of Indifference“; Formal Epistemology Workshop 2009, Pittsburgh, PA.

Conference, Workshop, and Summer School (Co-)Organization

07/2020 15th Cologne Summer School in Philosophy, University of Cologne, Germany. (Invited Speakers: TBA).
07/2019 Workshop Epistemic Conflicts, University of Cologne, Germany. (Invited Speakers: C. Dutilh Novaes, AM. A. Eder,  T. Grundmann, N Hughes, J. Pryor, M. Simion.
09/2018 Workshop on The Significance of Higher-Order Evidence, University of Cologne, Germany. (Invited Speakers: B. Fitelson, K. Dorst, M. Lasonen-Aarnio, T. Raleigh, and T. Williamson).
09/2018 10th International Conference of the German Society for Analytic Philosophy (GAP10), University of Cologne, Germany.
07/2017 Workshop on Experience and Updating, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany. (Invited Speakers: C. Campbell-Moore, D. Gallow, A. Mahtani, L. Moretti, J. Pryor, W.  Schwarz).
06/2017 Workshop on Perception and Justified Belief, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany. (Invited Speakers: J. Briesen, K. Farkas, J. Pryor, S. Siegel).
06/2016 Workshop on Philosophical Methods, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. (Invited Speakers: M. Balcerak Jackson, D. Cohnitz,  C. Dutilh Novaes, A.-M. A. Eder, T. Grundmann, H. Leitgeb, C. Nimtz, T. Williamson).
07/2015 Workshop on Epistemic Consequentialism, University of Konstanz, Germany. (Invited Speakers: J. Briesen, J. Carr, A-M. A. Eder, C. Elgin, B. Fitelson, C. Littlejohn, J. Schechter, R. Wedgwood).
09/2014 Workshop on Norms of Reasoning, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany. (Invited Speakers: P. Brössel, M. Colombo, I. Douven, A-M. A. Eder, C. Feldbacher, U. Hahn, M. Schulz, D. Šešelja, M. Smith, J. Sprenger, C. Strasser, N. Treanor).

Refereeing for Journals

  • Analysis
  • Australasian Journal of Philosophy
  • British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • dialectica
  • Episteme
  • Erkenntnis
  • European Journal for Philosophy of Science
  • The Journal of Philosophical Research
  • Philosophical Quarterly
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Synthese

Member of the Program Committee/Referee for Workshops or Conferences

  • Conference 2nd Bayes By the Sea: Formal Epistemology, Statistics, and Game Theory, (Ancona, Italy, August 2019).
  • Workshop New Perspectives on the Cognitive Penetrability of Perception (Joint Turin-Bochum Workshop, University of Turin, December 2018).
  • 13th Cologne Summer School in Philosophy (CSSiP) on New Trends in Applied Epistemology with Jennifer Lackey (University of Cologne, September 2018).
  • 10th International Conference of the German Society for Analytic Philosophy, Logic Section (University of Cologne, September 2018).
  • Workshop Recent Debates in Formal Epistemology (CONCEPT, Cologne, June 2018).
  • Conference Formal Models of Scientific Inquiry (Ruhr-University Bochum, July 2017).