Publications and Manuscripts

Published Articles in Journals

2018 Philosophical Methods under Scrutiny: Introduction to the Special Issue “Philosophical Methods” with I. Lawler and R. v. Riel, Synthese. (Online first)
2015 No Match Point for the Permissibility Account”, Erkenntnis 80:657-673.

See also the reply: Kroedel, T. 2018. “The Lottery, the Preface, and Conditions on Permissible Belief ”, Erkenntnis 83:741-751. And a reply to Kroedel’s criticism of my paper: Koscholke, J. 2018. “On the Pareto Condition on Permissible Belief ”. Erkenntnis. (Online first)

2014 How to Resolve Doxastic Disagreement” with P. Brössel, Synthese 191:2359-2381.
2013 Evidential Support and Instrumental Rationality” with P. Brössel and F. Huber, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 87:279-300.
2010 “Decision Theory and Rationality”, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 24:326-329.

Review of José Luis Bermúdez‘ book Decision Theory and Rationality, Oxford University Press, 2009.

Articles in Books

Forthcoming „Evidence of Evidence as Higher-Order Evidence“ with P. Brössel. In: M. Skipper & A. Steglich-Petersen (eds.), Higher-Order Evidence: New Essays. Oxford University Press. (With contributions by D. Christensen, K. Dorst, D. Greco, K. Kappel, M. Lasonen-Aarnio, J. Pryor, M. Titelbaum, D. Whiting, T. Williamson, and A. Worsnip.)
Invited „Aggregation and Respect for Evidence“. In: F. Broncano-Berrocal & J. A. Carter (eds.), The Epistemology of Group Disagreement. Routledge Studies in Epistemology. (With contributions by (With contributions by S. Barker, F. Broncano-Berrocal, J. Adam Carter, X. Donato, AM. A. Eder, M. Gerken, J. González de Prado Salas, N. Nottelmann, E. J. Olsson, M. Priest, K. Rolin, N. Sheff, M. Skipper, A. Steglich-Petersen, M. Simion, J. Zamora Bonilla)

Edited Volumes

2018 Special Issue Philosophical Methods with Synthese; with I. Lawler and R. van Riel. (Online first)

Articles in Encyclopedias

2013 “Wahrscheinlichkeit und Erkenntnis” (translated title: “Probability and Knowledge”) with P. Brössel, in: T. Bonk (ed.), Lexikon der Erkenntnistheorie. Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft.

Other Publications

2016 “Philosophical Methods, 16–17 June”, with I. Lawler and R. van Riel, The Reasoner 10:69.
2008 “Formal Epistemology Research Group at the University of Konstanz, Germany” with P. Brössel, F. Huber, and A. Zinke, The Reasoner 2:8-10.