Articles in International Blind-Peer Reviewed Journals

R & R Paper on the deontic status of justification (title omitted for the purposes of blind refereeing).
2015 No Match Point for the Permissibility Account”, Erkenntnis 80: 657–673.
2014 How to Resolve Doxastic Disagreement”, with P. Brössel, Synthese 191: 2359–2381.
2013 Evidential Support and Instrumental Rationality” with P. Brössel and F. Huber, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 87: 279–300.
2010 “Decision Theory and Rationality”, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 24, 326–329. (Review of José Luis Bermúdez‘ book Decision Theory and Rationality, Oxford University Press, 2009.)

Articles in Books

Invited “Evidence of Evidence and Higher-Order Evidence”, in: M. Skipper Rasmussen & A. Steglich-Petersen (eds.), Higher-Order Evidence: New Essays. (With contributions by D. Christensen, K. Dorst, D. Greco, K. Kappel, M. Lasonen-Aarnio, J. Pryor, M. Titelbaum, D. Whiting, T. Williamson, and A. Worsnip.)

Edited Volumes

Accepted Special Issue Philosophical Methods with Synthese; with I. Lawler and R. van Riel.

Articles in Encyclopedias

2013 “Wahrscheinlichkeit und Erkenntnis” (translated title: “Probability and Knowledge”) with P. Brössel, in: T. Bonk (ed.), Lexikon der Erkenntnistheorie. Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft.

Articles in Preparation*

In Preparation
“Evidential Probabilities and Credences”.
In Preparation “The Puzzle of Epistemically Ideal Agents”.
In Preparation “No Commitment to the Truth”.
In Preparation
“Ideal Agents, Impossible Evidence, and Evidence We Ought not to Have”.
In Preparation
“Evidence of Evidence and Higher-Order Evidence“.
In Preparation “Justification, Explication, and Epistemic Pluralism”.
In Preparation
“Equal Weight and Respect for Evidence“.

* Most drafts are available upon request.